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Q: What got Peyton Manning banned from eating with the team for two weeks at Tennessee?
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Why eating Hungry is banned in the US?


Is eating beef banned or allowed in India. What do the state laws as well as Indian Constitution say in this regard?

Eating beef is almost allowed but not accepted in India. State of Maharastra has recently banned beef eating. No national law currently banns beef eating. However exporting might be banned.

Who banned the eating of mince pies on Christmas Day in England?


Did eating and drinking get banned in Shakespeare's plays?

False because they would chuck food at the bad people.

Is eating lamb banned in some cultures?

Yes, it is. In some cultures, it is considered holy because it is a sacrificial animal. There are also a few cultures where meat is banned altogether (like Hindu).

Should eating chicken be banned?

No of course not. The reasons chickens are alive is for their egg production and so we can eat the chicken its self.

Why weren't Islams allowed to eat pork?

because it is banned in Koran and eating it is disobeying God and who disobey God will go to Hell.

Was eating and drinking banned in Shakespeare's theatre?

No Because the penny stinkers used to throw rotten food at the actors if they got bored of the show !!

What were the things Oliver Cromwell banned and the consequences?

ChristmasBear BaitingCock FightingWorking on SundaysWalking on Sundays (apart from to and from the church)Catholic church servicesTheatresAnd almost anything that was fun!

Is it a breach of the law for a college building to ban eating food for students in the UK?

I presume you mean eating while strolling around or in lectures. Those habits are uncivilised and if the law does not permit them to be banned it is a feeble law. <-- not an answer to the question

Why should chips be banned from school?

They should not be banned. There are those in society who think their social responsibilities extend to telling other people what to do and trying to command conformity to their way of thinking. Such people should be surrounded by chip gluttons eating with their mouths open.

Why is eating and drinking banned from the laboratory?

Chemicals in the lab might contaminate the food - causing poisoning. The food might contaminate an experiment - making the results invalid.