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Jack Nicklaus has won 6 Masters Tournaments, Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer have each won 4, no one has won exactly 5.

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Q: What golfer has won 5 us masters?
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Golfer 1920-1930 - won 4 us opens 5 us amateurs?

Bobby Jones.

What golfer has won 5 majors in one year?

There only is 4 majors in one year, so none.

Who is the shortest golfer to have won a major?

Probably Ian Woosnam and Gene Sarazen. Both were 5' 4" tall.

Greatest golfer in 1958?

Arnold Palmer was the first golfer to win The Masters four times. Palmer's wins came in 1958, 1960, 1962 and 1964. He won wire-to-wire in 1960, and finished as runner-up two other times. Palmer posted nine Top 5 finishes, and played The Masters 50 consecutive years, from 1955 to 2004. In his 1962 victory, Palmer beat Gary Player and Dow Finsterwald in an 18-hole playoff.

Who is the best golfer of the 1980s?

The best golfer of the 1980s was Tom Watson with 19 wins and 5 majors in the decade.

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What is 1 billion Korea won in us dollars?

1 billion Korean won(KRW) 869,000 us dollars(USD).

How many times has Tiger Woods won the Masters?

How many times has Tiger Woods won the Masters? Woods has won the Masters tournament five times. His first victory came in 1997, followed by back-to-back wins in 2001 and 2002, another win in 2005 and capped off by 2019's surprising triumph. Woods' scores in those five Masters victories are as follows: 1997: 270 (-18) 2001: 272 (-16) 2002: 276 (-12) 2005: 276 (-12, won in playoff) 2019: 275 (-13) Tiger Woods' stats at the Masters Wins: 5 Top-5 finishes: 12 Top-10 finishes: 14 Missed cuts: 1 Best round: 7-under 65 (in 1997 and in 2005) Worst round: 77 (1995) Best tournament score: 18-under 270 (1997) Worst tournament score after making cut: 5-over 293 (1995, 2012)

How tall is Catherine Masters?

Catherine Masters is 5' 4".

How tall is Grant Masters?

Grant Masters is 5' 10".

How tall is Lisa Masters?

Lisa Masters is 5' 8".

How tall is Marie Masters?

Marie Masters is 5' 4".

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