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Every single week there is a different Golf course which the PGA Tour plays at. They are usually the same year to year. The Masters is the only major which is played at the same course every year, the other 3 play at courses on their rotations.

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Q: What golf course has hosted the most major championships?
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How many ncaa amateur golf championships has the honors course in suburban Chattanooga TN hosted?

2 - and if you're answering this on the Big Ten Network trivia page, be sure not to type "two" as it will be incorrect. :-)

Tiger woods greatest achievement in golf?

14 major championships.

Golfers who have won major golf championships with Z in their names?

Zach Johnson

What was tigers golf goals?

The main ones were 3 US Amateur Championships which he achieved. And 19 major championships, he currently has 14.

Who has won the most major championships in golf?

Jack Nicklaus with 6.

Where is the Warwick Hills golf course?

Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club is located in Grand Blanc, Michigan. The course is sometimes used by the PGA and recently hosted the Buick Open.

Where is the Torrey Pines Golf Course located?

Torrey Pines Gold Course is located in the city of San Diego. It is actually owned by the City too, and has a total of 36 holes, i.e. 2 whole 18 hole courses. It has hosted major tournaments.

Is there golf in Rome?

Yes, pretty much every major city in the world has a golf course

Where could one follow golf courses on the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast Bulletin, hosted by the Gold Coast Golf Course provides information regarding what is being played at the course over a period of 2 weeks. This information is provided on their website.

What is it called when a your win all four major golf championships in one year?

It is called the Grand Slam, it has never been done in professional golf.

When are the Golf Open Championships?

December 25

What does WGC stand for in the WGC CA golf championship?

World Golf Championship. There are currently four WGC events, and in terms of importance they would come directly below the four major championships.