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Q: What goalie did Gary Leeman score his 50th goal against?
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What goalie did Wayne Gretzky score his 50th goal in 39 games on?

Trick question- it was an empty nety goal

What team did Torres score his 50th Liverpool goal against?


Who did dirk kuyt score his 50th Liverpool goal against?

Wolverhampton wanderers aka wolves

What game did Danny Gare score his 50th goal in 1980?

Against Toronto, He scored a hat trick. I'm not sure of the date,but it was the last game of the season

Where did Wayne Gretzky score 50th goal in 1981?

the forum

Who was the only player to have scored for both teams in a world cup match and for which countries did he score?

Ernie Brandts of Netherlands, against Italy in 1978. He scored an own goal in the 18th minute, but scored at the right end in the 50th minute.

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Sachin Tendulkar's fiftieth One Day International, which took place on March 4, 1993, saw him score 5 runs against England - before being bowled out by Paul Jarvis.

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