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Female, they also have softball leagues for adults. Which is usually co-ed.

Both genders play softball although it is more common to see all female or co-ed teams than it is to see all male teams.

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Q: What gender plays softball?
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What gender played softball first?


Is softball a girls sport?

Drey loggins plays softball

Which gender started softball?

Men started softball. It first started as an indoor baseball league. After years it slowly progressed into women's softball, then women's fastpitch softball

What does a umpire do in softball?

He calls plays and and pitches.

What gender plays the flute?


What age plays fast pitch softball?

the age of fast pitch softball starts at 11 (the ages may vary for your leages)

What is the most average sport in the world that everyone plays?

Baseball and Softball.

How old does a girl have to be in order to play softball?

Any age can play softball.. i have been playing all my life and i am now 13! One of my coaches plays softball and she is in her 40's!

Which gender played the roles in the plays?


Why is softball for girls?

its mainly for girls because guys have baseball (i know unfair) but there are teams where gender doesn't matter.

Who plays with an 11 softball?

10u and down: 8u, 6u, tea ball

Does gender play a role in sexual orientation?

Yes, gender plays a role in sexual orientation.

Diameter of a softball?

its not exatcly measured in diameter but by inched of the circumfrence. which is 10-12 inches depending on the: league, age, and gender

Who is the player in softball that plays between 2nd and 3rd base?

Its called short-stop

What state is softball mostly played?

Softball is commonly played in every US state. As for the most softball, some states have longer seasons due to weather and some states have more people to play . California probably has the most softball teams and plays the most games.

What infield positions in softball do lefthanders play?

As a softball player myself, my friend plays first. But, leftys can really play any position. first is most common.

What was the gender of the actors in Shakespeare's plays?

well the literal gender of everyone in the plays back then was men, they in fact would not allow women to act in plays at all back then, so men would play women also

Who plays baseball?

anybody can play baseball, but i would advise that girls should stick to softball

Does jennie finch still play softball?

Yes she plays for team USA!! Supporting the USA!!!

Does any of Carrie underwoods family play sports?

She plays softball, flag football, and basketball.

What size of softball glove for your twelve year old?

The size of the glove depends on what position she plays. This buyers guide should help:

Can boys also play softball?

Any person can play any kind of sports it u doesnt madder wat gender u are

Gender plays an important role in the six components of health.?


How many games a year do preofessional softball players have?

NPF plays 40 games in their summer season.

What is the position flex in softball?

It is the 10th spot in the batting order of a player that only plays defense but does not bat.