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Riders participating in the Tour de France use bicycles. They also wear helmets, cycling shoes, and clothing in their team colors.

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Q: What gear do the riders in the tour de france use?
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How do Tour de france riders pee?

At speed, if they have to. They'll move to the outside of the pack, use the stretchiness of their riding gear to get their parts out, get out of the saddle, turn sideways and let it flow.Then they'll hope that their relief will enable them to catch up with the pack again.on the side of the road.

Who won the Tour de France several times?

There are several riders that has won the Tour several times. The currently most known is Lance Armstrong, although he has been stripped of his titles due to his use of doping.

Why do they use road bikes in the Tour de France and what are the important features that they provide?

They use road bikes in the Tour de France mostly because the race course is on roads. Since the road is mostly smooth, the additional weight and complexity of a bicycle suspension is not required. In fact, anything that does not directly contribute to the riders moving along the road as quickly and safely as possible is left off, such as racks, lights, and fenders.

What bikes do they use in the tour de france?

Drop bar road bikes

What can tourists wear to Antarctica?

Tourists are advised by their tour operators to wear very warm clothing in layers. Some operators issue gear to tourists for use during the tour.

Does Lance Armstrong use a low gear or high gear?

Both, and several inbetween. The gear is chosen to get the same pedalling effort regardless if the course is uphill, flat or downhill at the moment.Ans 2 - Most pro riders will use all the gears necesary to maintain a good 'spin' speed. (rpm of the crank )

Does Lewis Leather sell motorcycle clothing and accessories?

Lewis Leathers sells clothing that is designed and made to handle the wear and tear of motorcycle riding as well as a gear for scooter riders. They also sell accessories that riders can collect and use.

How do you use chalenge in a sentence?

The Tour de France bicycling event is a challenge even for experienced cyclists.

What kind of bike did Lance Armstrong use to win his final Tour de France?

A road bike

Does the tour de france have long bikes?

No. They use regular road bikes and TT(time trial) bikes.

Streetwear fashion in France?

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