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One game played with a bat and no ball is Piñata.

Games played with a bat and ball include Baseball and cricket.

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baseball and softball of coarse.

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Q: What games are played with a bat and no ball?
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Who has played the most cricket games against Australia?

Cricket is a game played with a ball and bat, where the pitcher bowls the ball to the batter. England has played the most cricket games against Australia.

Who was the first person to invent the bat?

Impossible to say. Bat and ball games have been played since before recorded history.

Games that where played 100 years ago?

Rummy and other card games were played 100 years ago. If you want play then visit on apkgambit on google

What is the game cricket?

a game which is played with ball and bat i am harsha

Is baseball is a bat and ball sport played between to teams?


What types of instruments are played in softball?

bat helmet glove and ball

What games are played by kicking a ball over a net?

Fun games played by children where kicking balls is involved could include Kickball and soccer. Kickball is a fun kids game very similar to baseball, but instead of a baseball and a bat, you use a gym ball and your leg to kick the ball and run the bases. Soccer is played in a long field where only kicking is allowed, hand contact with the ball is not permitted.

What bat and ball events are in the Olympics?

in the Olympics there are various different types of games and events

A bat hits a ball which has the greater acceleration the bat or the ball?

in most cases the bat

Is it correct to say there is a bat and a ball?

Usually it would be "There is a bat and ball."

If a ball being struck by a bat exerts a reaction force on the bat why doesn't the bat move backward?

When a ball is being struck by a bat it certainly exerts a reaction force on the bat. But the bat does not move backward because the reaction is not enough to move the bat as it is much heavier than the ball. The reaction force is felt by the person who strikes the ball with the bat through his arm. If the ball is heavier than the ball the bat will surely get the reaction force and move back.

What games can be played without equipment except the ball?