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Q: What game tokens are the size of a quarter?
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Do arcade tokens work in quarter machines?

No. If tokens worked in quarter machines then the tokens would be counterfeit quarters. Tokens have a slightly different size and/or weight. The arcade or vending machine's coin mechanism must be adjusted to accept either quarters or tokens. Even the slight difference between Canadian and American quarters requires an adjustment.

How many different type of tokens are there in the game of monopoly?

What is the name of the tokens

Where are Marge's tokens in the Simpsons game?


How many people can play the game of life?

I believe there are six tokens for the board game. Theoretically you could make your own additional tokens, though.

What is the value of an 1853 Australian Quarter Farthing?

Other than for traders tokens, there was no Australian currency until 1911. Australia did not produce a Quarter Farthing coin.

Can you buy game tokens in Pokemon HeartGold?


Where are Lisa's tokens in the Simpson's game?

In her room on her bookshelf

How do you write the experssion number of tokens needed for v video games if each game takes 4 tokens?


What is the value of a a token reading GOOD FOR 5 cents IN TRADE on the front and JACK BRATTIN'S Fresno CAL. 1021 -I- STREET on the back it is about the size of a quarter?

I collected Fresno Trade tokens. I would approx the value $15

How many tokens a buffer can hold?

That would depend on the size of the buffer.

Where do you get wish tokens form webkinz?

A person can get wish tokens from Webkinz by playing a game called Token Balloon Darts. A person will also receive wish tokens in their inbox when it is their birthday.

What Game uses car tokens?

The game "Life" has car shaped pieces.