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There was no Super Bowl in 1960. The first meeting between the champions of the National Football League and the American Football League didn't occur until January 15, 1967.

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2013-01-30 16:59:53
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Q: What game number was the super bowl in 1960?
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Who was the Eagles quarterback in the 1960 Super Bowl?

There was no Super Bowl in 1960. The Eagles QB in the 1960 NFL championship game against the Green Bay Packers was Norm Van Brocklin.

Who won the Super Bowl of 1960?

There was no Super Bowl in 1960. The first Super Bowl was played in January, 1967. The NFL champion in the 1960 season was the Philadelphia Eagles who defeated the Green Bay Packers, 17-13, in the championship game played December 26, 1960.

What is the two team play in 1960 in the super bowl?

Philadelphia beat Green Bay 17-13 in the 1960 NFL Championship Game. There was no Super Bowl until after the 1966 season.

What number Super Bowl will be held in 2023?

If you mean the Super Bowl played in the calander year of 2023 (the 2022 season championship game) then it will be Super Bowl LVI (56). If you mean what will the Super Bowl number for the 2023 NFL season(the game will be played in early 2024), that will be Super Bowl LVII (57).

What year was Super Bowl number 3?

Super Bowl III (the first game actually named "Super Bowl") was the AFL-NFL World Championship game on January 12, 1969 - 2 years after Super Bowl I in 1967.

Which number super bowl was the 1976 game?

IX (9).

What network will telivise the entire Super Bowl game?

what super bowl game

Why was there no 1960 Super Bowl?

There was no Super Bowl in 1960 because the Super Bowl didnt exist then. In 1960, there were two major football leagues in the US, the National Football League and the newly created American Football League. The leagues competed against each other as rival leagues, but they never played against each other. In 1967 an agreement was reached to have the best team in the AFL play the best team in the NFL. That game was the very first Super Bowl, although it was not called the Super Bowl. The game was titled the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. The title game was the idea of the merger committee which was drafting the merger agreement between the two leagues in 1966. During the merger discussion. Lamarr Hunt, owner of the AFL Kansas City Chiefs, called the game the Super Bowl. The name was not used during the first championship game, but every other title game after 1967 was referred to as the Super Bowl.

What is the average number of people at the Super Bowl game?

Around 80ks-100ks.

What is the longest Super Bowl game in history?

super bowl 30

How long was the longest Super Bowl game?

super bowl 30.

Who won the Super Bowl in 1812?

There was no Super Bowl in 1812. The first Super Bowl game was played in 1967.

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