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Polo is a game that consists of six 7 minute chukkas.

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Q: What game is divided into chukkas?
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What is chukkas in polo game?

A game of Polo can, depending on the level being played at, consist of four 6 minute chukkas or up to eight 7 minute chukkas.

Why do you need four horses for polo?

A regular game of polo consists of four chukkas, or "periods," of seven minutes each. Ideally a rider changes to a fresh horse at the end of each chukka, which is why he or she would need four horses. An official FIP game consists of six chukkas, meaning a player might want a total of six horses or more. Some higher goal games are eight chukkas long.

What sport has periods called chukkas?


What is a period of play in polo?

Chukka (sing.), Chukkas (plural)

What sports use a chucker?

Chukkers (or chukkas) are the name of the periods of play in Polo.

What has the author Jack Fingleton written?

Jack Fingleton has written: 'Four chukkas to Australia'

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When was A House Divided - board game - created?

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Polo consists of 8 periods called what?

It varies. Arena polo has 4 7 minute periods called Chukkas

Where is the best polo farm to visit in New Zealand?

look up really good fun and loads of nice horses to do chukkas on.