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Super Smash Bros Brawl!! it's common knowledge. Pokemon is second.

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Q: What game is better red dead redemtion or madden nfl 11?
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What game is better grand theft auto 4 or red dead redemtion?

From a personal point of view: Red Dead Redemption is a terrific game, well worth buying; but GTA IV is better, in my opinion.

Is halo better than red dead redemtion?

Halo is a series of Games out for many years where Red Dead Redemption is a single Video game released in 2010

Can you drive trains on red dead redemtion?

No, the game isn't THAT interactive.

Can you get the game red dead redemtion for play station 2?

No you cannot

How do you get on freeroam on read dead redemtion?

free roam should be available almost immediately in the game

How do you save on red dead redemtion?

go to a a rentable property and go to the bed and it will say save game

Is there going to be a moive about red dead redemtion the game?

No there isn't, the movie would be about 6 hours long

Will they make red dead redemtion for playstation2?

no they won't be able to as the game uses so much space

Which game is better Madden or world wrestling entertainment?


Which is better Madden 2004 or Madden 2005?

2005 probably cuz the newer the game is the better it is

Whats the best game for the ps3?

depends what type of game your in to. personally i like red dead redemtion undead nightmare and fifa 11. but its up to you what game you like

What is better Madden 09 or madden 08?

they both are the worst football game ever