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Q: What game did the ice rink come from?
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Will the ice rink come back to Club Penguin?


Is it an ice rink or an ice field in ice hockey?

Ice rink.

How do you get on to the ice rink on Club Penguin?

Not all the time will the ice rink be there. In winter, it will be the soccer stadium, and in the summer, it will be the ice rink. But the way you get on the rink you ask? Just click on it and you will be on the ice rink.

Why is an ice rink called an ice rink?

Because its ice frozen into a pond and thus, it's called an ice rink

On penguin diner game how do you get to ice rink cafe?


Where can you play ice hockey?

you can play ice hocky on an ice rink or at a rink place.

How many people are aloud on a ice rink?

there isn't a limit at my local ice rink.

What is an ice rink?

An ice rink is a surface of artificially created ice for skating, playing hockey, curling, etc.

How big is an ice rink building?

well the ice rink is 200 x 100 ft

What was the name of the first artificial ice rink in ice hockey?

Victoria skating rink, Montreal

When is the ice rink on club penguin coming?

The Ice Rink is always there on December,19 to Feburary

Is there an ice skating rink in sydney?

There are a few; the Canterbury Olympic park, Sydney Ice Arena, and Macquarie Ice Rink.

How much does it cost to rent an ice rink?

It depends on the rink

What rink do they play ice hockey in Denmark?

A hockey rink.

How is the ice at an ice rink kept cold?

A ice rink has a special floor that holds water in it like a pool. It takes about 4-5 hours to freeze the rink. In order to keep the ice rink frozen and solid, the temp. has to be 32 degrees or less. That's why when you enter a ice rink it will become cold as soon as you walk in side. Enjoy! By: AS

Is it actually paint used on a curling rink?

The playing surface played on in a game of curling is ice . The ice playing surface is called a 'sheet' and is within a 'curling' rink. Ice will melt along with paint. Paint will be washed away with the colours.

What is a sheet of ice called?

Ice rink?

Where is ice skating played?

in an ice rink

What is an enclosed sheet of ice usually artificial for skating?

An ice rink, usually affectionately referred to as 'the rink'

What is the field called for a hockey game?

ice hockey is a rink and field hockey is just a field

How much does a permit cost for an ice rink?

A permit for a ice rink would vary between the different owners.

How is ice hockey done?

in an ice hockey rink

Where do you practice ice-hockey?

An Ice Rink

How many people can be on the rink during an ice hockey game?

sixteen - twelve players and four officials

How much does it cost to get into the skating rink?

is there still a ice skateing rink in town