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Brive in 1997 and Toulouse in1996, 2003 and 2005

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There are a number of top rubgy teams in France. Some of these include Aviron Bayonnais, Union Bordeaux Begles, as well as CA Brive.

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Q: What french rugby clubs have won the Heineken cup?
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How did Ireland rugby team do in the Heineken Cup in 2000?

The Heineken Cup is for clubs and provinces, not national teams, so Ireland did not play in the Heineken Cup in 2000. Munster, one of the teams from Ireland, were the beaten finalists in the 2000 final.

Which two clubs contested the 2009 Heinekin Rugby Union Final?

Leicester 16 Leinster 19: Heineken Cup final 2009

What is the Target market of Heineken?

the target market of Heineken would be males from the ages of 22-35 who follow sport, mainly rugby as they are the complete suspports of the Irish Rugby Heineken Cup

Which game is derby cup associated with?

Rugby League. The Lord Derby Cup (French: Trophée Lord Derby), also known as French Rugby à XIII Cup, is the premier rugby league knock-out competition in France and is open to all French rugby league clubs.

What kind of a competion is the Heineken cup?

The Heineken cup is one of two annual rugby union competitions organized by European Rugby Club involving leading club, regional and provincial teams from the six countries in europe.

Who is the only rugby player that has 3 Heineken Cup Medals and 2 Guinness Premiership medals?

eoin reddan

what two players have played in more than 100 Heineken cup rugby games?

Ronan O Gara and John Hayes of Munster,

What are the 2 major competitions played at Twickenham?

Competitions include the Aviva Premiership Final (Rugby Union), sometimes it can be the Heineken Cup Final (Rugby Union), it could be the LV Cup Final (Rugby Union). However, sometimes events such as NFL matches or even Football Matches are sometimes played their

What cups do teams play for in rugby union?

world cup, heineken cup, aviva premiership, rabo pro12 direct, top 14, super 15. the competitions largely depend on the country.

What team does chris Ashton play for?

Northampton Saints, who you may see on sky sports, this weekend in the Heineken cup final. (rugby equivalent to champions league).

Biggest sporting event?

olympic in rugby: world cup, tri nations, six nations, lions tour, magners league, super 14, guiness premiership, heineken cup, euro challenge cup, EDF energy cup.

What was the 2012 record for the Ulster rugby team?

The Ulster rugby team were runners up in the Heineken Cup league in 2011-12. In 2012 itself they won an amazing 13 games in a row which is the longest unbroken run of wins in their history.