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The Dallas Cowboys never went to 4 straight Superbowls but appeared in Superbowl V, Superbowl VI, Superbowl X, Superbowl XII, Superbowl XIII, Superbowl XXVII, Superbowl XVIII, and Supebowl XXX and they are 5-3 in superbowl!

More info:The only franchise to ever play in four consecutive Super Bowl games were the Buffalo Bills teams of 1990-93, who represented the AFC in Super Bowls 25, 26, 27 and 28. They have the inglorious distinction of losing all four games, including two losses to the Cowboys, who - after a long Super Bowl drought - made it to (and won) three out of four in the nineties; 27, 28 and 30.

Dallas came within one game of four straight Super Bowls, but lost the 1995 NFC Championship game (following the '94 season) to Steve Young's San Francisco 49ers, who went on to win Super Bowl 29.

That NFC Championship is widely recognized as one of the great NFL games of all time; a 38-28 win for the 49ers that "got the monkey off Steve Young's back," and was far more exciting than that season's Super Bowl, in which San Fran blew out the San Diego Chargers 49-26.

[For you purists, sorry for not using Roman numerals; they would have made the post harder to read.]

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Q: What four years in a row did the Dallas Cowboys go to the Super Bowl?
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When was the last Super Bowl win for the Dallas Cowboys?

On January 28, 1996, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 27 to 17 in Super Bowl XXX in Tempe, AZ. It also was the last Super Bowl appearance by the Cowboys.

Who will in Super Bowl 45?

Dallas Cowboys

Who has the most Super Bowl titles the Dallas Cowboys or the Oakland Raiders?

The Dallas Cowboys have won five Super Bowl titles; the Raiders have three.

Who won 2 super bowls for Dallas Cowboys?

Quarterback Roger Staubach led the Dallas Cowboys to victory in Super Bowl VI and Super Bowl XII.

What years did the Duane Thomas play in the super bowl?

Super Bowl V (1970 season) and VI (1971 season) for the Dallas Cowboys.

In what year did the Dallas Cowboys hold the record for most penalties in one Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl XLIV, the Dallas Cowboys were penalized 133 yards.

What years did mike ditka get his Super Bowl rings?

1) 1971 season - Super Bowl VI as a player for the Dallas Cowboys. 2) 1977 season - Super Bowl XII as an assistant coach for the Dallas Cowboys. 3) 1985 season - Super Bowl XX as head coach of the Chicago Bears.

How many years did it take for the Dallas cowboys to win 3 super bowl rings?


What years did the Dallas Cowboys get their first three Super Bowl wins?

1972, 1978, and 1993

Who went to the Super Bowl the most?

The Dallas Cowboys

Who won the 30th Super Bowl?

Dallas Cowboys.

Who won the Super Bowl in1993?

dallas cowboys