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Jazz, Magic, Heat and Thunder

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Q: What four professional sports team names are not plural?
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What is the two professional sports that play in Atlanta?

There are actually four professional sports teams that play in Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta Braves are a professional baseball team The Atlanta Falcons are a professional football team The Atlanta Thrashers are a professional hockey team The Atlanta Hawks are a professional basketball team

What is the plural for four?

The plural form of four is fours

Names of four words related to high school?

Drama sports homework relationships

What are three professional sports in Florida and what are the names of their teams?

Here are four professional sports/teams in Florida:Football (NFL) - Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville JaguarsBaseball (MLB) - Miami Marlins, Tampa Bay RaysBasketball (NBA) - Miami Heat, Orlando MagicHockey (NHL) - Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning

What professional sports teams in the USA are community owned?

Of the four major sport leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL), the Green Bay Packers are the only professional sports team in the USA that is community owned.

Which three states have only one team in the four major professional sports leagues?

Oklahoma, Oregon, and Utah.

What are the four types of sports in physical education?

the four types of sports is MDC

What are the four demonstrative determiners?

this - singular, these - plural that - singular, those - plural

What is plural for petit four?

The plural of petit four (pronounced petti for) is petits fours pronounced petti forz)

What are four categories of sports?

team sports , induvidual sports , extreme sports and air sports

What are the four categories of sports?

Extreme sports,women's sports,International sports,and Amateur Sports

What are four professional sports in Chicago?

American Football (NFL) - BearsBaseball (MLB) - Cubs, White SoxBasketball (NBA) - BullsIce Hockey (NHL) - Blackhawks

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