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Derek Sanderson

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Q: What former Boston bruin player wore number 16?
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What Boston Bruin's player wore number ten?

Jean Ratelle and Barry Pederson were two great player who wore # 10 for the Bruins.

What Boston bruin player are from the US?

tim thomas and steven kampfer

Which Boston bruin player only played for one minute?


What dynamo player wore number 12?

will bruin

Which Boston bruin player retired this year?

Mark Recchi retired prior to the 2011-12 season.

Who are the Boston bruins rivials?

the Boston bruin's worst rivals are the Montreal canatians

Which Boston Bruin is in the Coors beer commercial?

Patrice Bergeron

What is former Boston Bruin PJ Stock up to now?

Stock is into broadcasting in Canada, working for a radio station and doing work for various networks , including CBC's Hockey Night in Canada.

If the Boston Bruins actually had a bruin in their logo what would you see there?


How many Boston bruin players are us citizens?


Goaltender best goaltender of all time for the Boston bruins?

Gerry Cheevers was the best Boston Bruin goaltender.

What does the Boston bruin logo 24 Nineteen stand for?

1924 Established year