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when a skydiver jumps out of a plane, the dominant force is gravity, pulling him/her towards the ground, although some air resistance is also acting on him/her, allowing him/her to fall at a steady speed (not dropping like a stone), so the forces acting on the skydiver are almost balanced. of course, all that changes when the parachute opens. then the air resistance greatly increases, drastically slowing the descent down to earth.

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Q: What forces act on a skydiver when then jump out of a plane?
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What forces act on you when you jump out of a plane?

Gravity and wind resistance.

Define coplanar forces?

Coplanar forces systems have all the forces acting in one plane. It also means that all forces act within a single plane instead of three dimensions.

What is concurrent forces in space?

When all the forces of a force system act in one plane it is called coplanar force system. If the forces act in more than one plane then it is forces in space. In this case forces are not contained in one plane. When all the forces of a system pass through a common point they are called concurrent forces. Thus we have concurrent coplanar forces when all forces are in one plane and pass through a common point. Also when forces in space pass through a common point we have concurrent forces in space.

What is the definition of coplanar and non-coplanar forces?

Coplanar forces are a set of forces all of which act in the same plane. Non-coplanar forces are a set of forces in which at least one act in a direction incline to the plane formed by two of the forces.

What forces act on plane as it flies?

Lift, thrust, gravity, and drag (friction)

What four forces act on a plane during flight?

The four forces of flight during flight are lift gravity thrust and drag

What are the three forces that act on an airplane?

Lift: The force that keeps the plane flying.Drag: The force that slows down the plane. Weight: Theattractionto the ground.

What do you mean by coplanner system of intersecting forces?

These are forces which act in the same plane (coplanar, not coplanner!) and that their lines of action all meet at a single point.

What is coplanar forces?

Coplanar just means that all forces act within a single plane, rather than in three dimensions. Examples aren't really necessary -- it's really a mathematical abstraction, because in the real world forces act in three dimensions.

What do you mean by coplanner parallel forces?

Coplanar (not coplanner) forces are those that act in the same plane and, if they are parallel, then their lines of action are parallel: that is, the perpendicular distance between the lines of action is a constant.

What force is acted on by another?

Forces don't act on other forces - forces act on objects.

How does an airplane work?

4 forces act on planes Lift pulls the plane up Gravity pulls it down Thrust pushes it forward Drag pulls it back These 4 forces together help move the plane through the air and without these forces an airplane wouldn't fly When an airplane takes off the thrust is thus increased and the plane can take off from the ground

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