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Q: What force do divers use to dive into the water?
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A person who dives?

People who dive are usually just referred to as divers. You can break them up into roughly four categories:Skin divers - who hold their breath, and do not use scuba equipment. Also sometimes called free divers.Sport divers - who dive for fun (they used to be called 'recreational divers', but now this term is used to distinguish sport divers from 'technical divers' who also dive for fun, but dive outside of WRSTC 'recreational' limits).Commercial divers - who dive for their jobs. By convention, this excludes recreational diving instructors, to differentiate from commercial divers who use equipment underwater, engage in saturation diving and use of elaborate gas mixes.Military divers - who form a sub-set of the navy.Not all divers fit neatly into these categories (police divers, rescue divers, fisherman who dive for their catch), but those tend to be the broad categories used.

How do scuba divers dive under water?

The main feature is they use a self contained breathing system under water and they are trained to use the equipment. They also train in controling the bouyancy while under water.

What PokΓ©mon can use dive?

any water Pokemon can use dive

What do scuba divers use to tell how far down they are?

scuba divers use pressure meter because the deeper down you go the more pressure builds upAdditiona depth gauge or a dive computer

Where can use dive in sapphire?

you need to use a water type pokemon and teach it dive or use action replay

Your dive tank has 3 year old gas in it is it safe to use?

The use of an oxygen analyzer would be advised. Most nitrox and technical divers have one.

What kind of camera do scuba divers use?

water proof ones

Where can use dive?

Wherever the water is deep blue

What Pokemon con use dive on Pokemon ruby?

Most water Pokemon can learn dive.

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Undella Town, and you use dive in four dark water spots to get to the abyssal ruins.

How do you dive to get to the submarine in sapphire?

You need to get the HM dive from Steven in Mossdeep City. Then you will have to beat the gym leader in Mossdeep City. Then you will be able to use the HM dive. And you find the dark spots in water while surfing. Use dive. And to resurface. Use dive again!

How do scuba divers find out how long they can stay at a certain depth?

we use a chart for that. which helps us calculate how long we can stay in a certain depth. dive planning

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