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Q: What football teams played in the ice bowl?
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Which is the game played on ice between two teams?

Ice hockey and curling are played on ice between two teams.

What year was the ice bowl?

The Ice Bowl was played December 31, 1967.

What Olympic sport is played on ice between two teams?

Ice Hockey and curling are Olympic sports played on ice between two teams.

When and where was the ice bowl played?

The Ice Bowl, the 1967 NFL Championship Game, was played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin where the Dallas Cowboys played the Green Bay Packers.

When and where was the Ice Bowl played in American Football?

December 31, 1967 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The 'Ice Bowl' is the nickname for the 1967 NFL Championship Game between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys where the game time temperature was -13 degrees F (-25 C).

What sports are played in iceland?

Ice hockey , football and basketball

How is ice hockey played?

Ice hockey is a game made on ice rink for to teams of six. Their main goal is to hit the puck with the hockey stick into the opposing teams net without them getting in their way.

What sports are played in Latvia?

The sports that are played the most in Latvia are Ice Hockey, Football, and Tennis.

Certain sports can be played in certain places why?

that's self explanatory have you ever tried to play ice hockey on a football pitch or football on an ice rink?

When was the ice bowl played between Oklahoma and Oklahoma state?

Nov 30 1085

What is the main sports played in the US?

basketball, American football, baseball, soccer/football at lower levels, ice hockey

The ice bowl played bwteen the packers and the cowboys in the 1967 nfl championship game was won by which type of play?

A quarterback sneak by Bart Star took the lead with seconds remaining in the Ice Bowl.

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