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Boise State Broncos

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Q: What football teams have a horse as their mascot?
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What NFL football team has their mascot named after a war horse?

what are the mascot names for the nfl teams?

How many college football teams with singular mascot?


What is the name of a football team with a horse mascot?

The Broncos

What football teams have an antelope as their mascot?

Antelope Valley High School in California, their mascot is the Antelopes.

What is the Minnesota's Football teams mascot?

The Minnesota's football team's mascot is the Viking. They are known as the Minnesota Vikings. Their team color is purple and the mascot looks like a bearded man with a hat with horns on it.

Which college football team has a horse on it?

Well, with USC a trojan horse is there mascot, but if there was a team with a horse on there helmet it would be SMU.

Mascot of auburm football team?

Auburn University's sports teams are known as the Tigers.

What is the mascot of the Ohio State University football team?

The Ohio State University sports teams are the Buckeyes. The mascot of the football team is Brutus Buckeye, a cartoon-style student wearing the school colors.

What are the NFL football teams that use a horse symbol?

Denver Broncos

What is the name of USCs mascot?

The nickname of the University of Southern California's athletic teams is the Trojans. They have two mascots. One is Traveler, a white horse who appears at home football games. The most recognizable mascot, though, is Tommy Trojan, who appears at most varsity athletic events.

What is the name of the DePauw University football team in Greencastle IN?

The nickname of DePauw University teams is the Tigers and their mascot is Tyler the Tiger.

What is Arkansas College football teams name?

Razorbacks commonly called the "hogs" their mascot resembles a firetruck red boar.

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