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Q: What football teams are sponsored by samsung?
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How many teams at the 2010 football world cup will be playing in nike sponsored team kits?

I think England and Spain.

Who sponsors Frank Lampard?

Chelsea are sponsored by Samsung.

Which soccer clubs are sponsored by Samsung?

Chelsea FC.

How many years has Hyundai sponsored Australia's A - league football?

Hyundai has sponsored Australia's A League football for 10 years

Is there more football teams or baseball teams?

There is more football teams than baseball teams, football has 32 and baseball has 30

Who is the sponsor for the premier league?

Adidas and samsung are the sponsors on the blues kit

Who is Wisconsin sponsored by for football?


How many college football teams are there.?

There are approximately 119 College Football teams.

What are the best fantasy football games?

32 football teams 32 football teams

How many professional football teams does Arkansas have?


How many football teams are in Vatican City?

The Vatican has no football teams.

How much NFL football teams are there?

32 NFL football teams