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Washington & Jefferson (Div III) Sept 19, 1908 .

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Q: What football team was the first to wear numbers on their jerseys?
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Who was First college football team to use numbers on its jerseys?

Washington & Jefferson

What are the colours of the Italian International Football Team?

The Italian football team first choice is blue jerseys, second choice is white jerseys.

What college football team was first to put names on their jerseys?

it was university of Hawaii

What colour is the German football team wearing?

The first choice for the German team is white jerseys and black shorts.

Is there a football team with orange and yellow jerseys?


Who are England's football team sponsors?

On the front of their jerseys is a nationwide insurance logo, they have umbro jerseys.

What is the nickname for the French football team?

The French football team is named 'Les Bleus' after the colour of their blue jerseys.

What football team has black and gold jerseys?

the Pittsburgh steelers and they r the best team

What is the Italian football team nickname?

The Italian football team is called the azzuries, The Blues. mainly as they play in sky blue jerseys.

Why are German national football team away colours green?

The colors of the German away jerseys changed from time to time. It was mostly green, because gree is the color of the German football association (DFB). But they had also for a short time red away jerseys. At the World Cup 2010 they will have black away jerseys. This was the color of the jeresys worn at the first football match of a German team in 1898.

Why is there a C with stars underneath it on some professional football jerseys?

it shows that they are captian of the team

Who was the first NFL team to put names on there jerseys?

The NFL did not start putting names on its jerseys until the 1970s. The AFL did it in the 1960s and the NFL adopted the practice after the merger. Prior to 1970, no NFL team had names on the back of the jerseys. This has been verfied by both the NFL and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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