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Q: What football team plays in black and gold?
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What are the saint colors football team?

Gold, white, and black.

What does the color black and gold means?

Black and Gold are the two colors that represent the football team(the Saints)

What football team has black and gold jerseys?

the Pittsburgh steelers and they r the best team

What are the Colors of the saints football team?

the saints football teams home colors are Vegas gold and black and there away colos are Vegas gold and white

If you play on a football team that wears gold and brown at kind of football visor should you wear?

A black or clear visor

Which football team plays at stamford bridge?

The Chelsea Football Team!!!

What are the colors for the Pittsburgh Steelers football team?

The official colors are black and gold but they do have some white in their jersey

Who plays better in the rain a running football team or a passing football team?

passing team has the advantage

Who are the Real Madrid football team?

a team who plays in Spain

What is the name for the football team that plays in Ohio?

The name for the Ohio football team is the Ohio Buckeyes.

Which football team plays at 'the dell'?


Who plays for Brazil football team?


What football team plays for Baltimore?


What football team plays in Louisiana?

The Saints

What English football team plays football in Scotland?

Berwick Rangers

What football team does neymar play for?

when neymar plays international, he plays for Brazil.In 2013, he switched to the football team Barcelona to play with messi

Which team does drogba plays?

He currently plays for Chelsea Football Club.

What team does ronaldinhio play for?

Ronaldinhio plays for Brasilian football team

What are Australia's football team's colors?

Green and gold.

What is Spain's football team colours?

Red and gold.

Who is the Harlem Gold Trotters?

the Harlem Gold Trotters are a mostly black African American basketball team that plays around the world, hence the name the Globe, not Gold, Trotters

Which football teams play in Wisconsin?

The football team that plays in Wisconsin is known as The Wisconsin Badgers. Wisconsin does not have a football team in the National Football League.

What football team plays at portman road?

Ipswich town football club.

What football team does Tebow play for?

He plays on the Jets.

What football team plays in Blue and Orange?

the bears