What football team plays at Annfield?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Liverpool (how did you not know that


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Q: What football team plays at Annfield?
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What other team apart from Liverpool plays at annfield?

Only Liverpool FC and Liverpool FC reserves play at Anfield.

Which football team plays at stamford bridge?

The Chelsea Football Team!!!

When was Annfield Plain F.C. created?

Annfield Plain F.C. was created in 1925.

When did Annfield Plain railway station end?

Annfield Plain railway station ended in 1955.

When was Annfield Plain railway station created?

Annfield Plain railway station was created in 1894.

Who plays better in the rain a running football team or a passing football team?

passing team has the advantage

Who are the Real Madrid football team?

a team who plays in Spain

What is the name for the football team that plays in Ohio?

The name for the Ohio football team is the Ohio Buckeyes.

What football team does neymar play for?

when neymar plays international, he plays for Brazil.In 2013, he switched to the football team Barcelona to play with messi

What English football team plays football in Scotland?

Berwick Rangers

Which football team plays at 'the dell'?


Who plays for Brazil football team?