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Q: What football team mollie king supports?
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What football team does Obama supports?

He supports West Ham United.

What football team does Niall support?

The football team Niall supports is from Ireland (obviously :)), Derby County.

Is everton a football team?

Yes, I spouse they are because my football mad boyfriend supports them!

What football team does cesc fabregas support?

He supports Barcelona

Which football team does Robert carlyle support?

He Supports Rangers

What football team does joe mcelderry support?

he supports Newcastle

What football team does Stephen Moyer supports?

evaton fc

What football team does Louie Walsh support?

Louie Walsh supports Celtic Football Club

What football team does Toddla T support?

He supports your mum from behind

Witch football team does Declan galbraith support?

He supports Arsenal.

What football team does jb support?

Justin Bieber Supports Arsenal :)

Does Katie price support a football team?

She doesn't support a team in the priemership but she supports England.