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The Patriots.

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Q: What football team is way better Atlanta or Miami?
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Are the chiefs football team better than the dolphins football team?

Miami dolphins are soooo much better than the JETS and chiefs obiosly

What is the record of the Miami Senior High School Stingarees football team?

we were 4-6..i am apart of the football team..we did better than last year..we went 1-9

What city does the football team the Miami Dolphins call home?


Which American football team is known as the dolphins?

The team in Miami.

What is the setting of a football team?

The setting of a football team is the arrangement of how football team players play football on the pitch e.g 442

What team entered the NFL with Atlanta in 1966?

The Atlanta Falcons were the NFL's only expansion team in 1966. The Miami Dolphins also began playing in 1966, but as members of the rival American Football League (AFL). The next team to join the NFL was the New Orleans Saints in 1967.

What football team does Austin mahone go for?

Miami Dolphins.

What team is better between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics?

Miami Heat boston celtics are playing much better lately. but miami heat have the better team.

What football team did Dwayne Johnson play for?

Dwayne Johnson played football for the Miami Hurricanes.

What is Georgias NFL football team?

Atlanta Falcons

What college football team has had the most first team all Americans?


Which team is better?

miami heat