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I live in Tennessee but i hate the VOLS they suck i luv the Gators they rock but i do like the Tennessee Titans

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Q: What football team is better Tennessee Vols or Florida Gators?
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Who is a better football team usc or Florida gators?


Are the Florida gators better than Florida state seminoles?

FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES are better than the gattors

Who is better usc Trojans or the Florida gators?

usc trojans

Is the Nebraska Cornhuskers better than the Florida gators?


Who is better SEC football or everyone else?

SEC-Go Gators

What is the last college to win a basketball and football national title?

Florida's Gators Have Won The 1996 Football & Basketball National TitlesThe University of Florida became the first IA College to win both the Basketball and the Football National Title during the same season.The Gators beat UCLA's Bruins for the hoops title and Ohio State's Buckeyes for the gridiron title.Neither game was close.I do believe that the Florida gators did the same exact thing in taking both of the titles in 2000-something, i think it was 2004 or 2005 but im not sure--Indeed they did & it was even better the 2nd time around because they beat OSU (buckeyes) for BOTH titles!

What football team is way better?


Who is better Alabama or Tennessee?

The University of Alabama football team has won more national championships than the University of Tennessee.

When was the last time the Florida Gators beat the Auburn Tigers football team?

Saturday, November 26, 2005.The Florida 'Gators beat the Florida State Seminoles 34-7 in Gainsville, Florida.As much as I am a Seminole fan(Go Noles), I say that the Universty of Florida Gators are better but I still love the Florida state Seminoles.

Are the Seminoles better the gators?

Yes. Gators will lose against the noles. But thats my opinion. So it doesn't matter

Where do people find out about Gatorade?

I don't know where people found out about Gatorade but I know where it originated. A member of the Florida Gators football program wanted to invent a special drink other than water to help the players perform better. He invented Gatorade. Gator for the Florida Gators and Ade to help or assist. Either way Gatorade tastes awesome and really makes a significant impact in the physical activity to perform.

I am 37 and my daughter is 11 and I was wondering which is a better place to move Tennessee North Carolina Virginia or Florida?

I Prefer North Carolina Has a nice climate. Florida is pretty hot and can have bad weather. Tennessee is fine too, if you want to grow some healthy crops i should say Tennessee.