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Q: What football team is Zealous Nationals?
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What is the team salary for the Washington Nationals?

The Washington Nationals's 2014 team salary is $125615337, 10th in the MLB.

What are some of the most popular sport teams in Serbia?

The Sweden hockey team/ the hong Kong nationals for cricket/ The turkey national dodge ball team for baseball and the Canada dick4s for football

What pro sports teams are in Washington DC?

Yes. There is an American football team, a hockey team, a basketball team, and a baseball team. The American football team is the Washington Redskins, the hockey team is the Washington Capitals, the basketball team is the Washington Wizards, and the baseball team is the Washington Nationals.

Is Nationals a Baseball Team?

no you tard

What team became the Washington Nationals?

The current (2005 - present) Washington Nationals team was relocated from Montreal, where they were known as the Montreal Expos.

Are the Nationals a good baseball team?


Who were the Original Washington Nationals Baseball Team?

The Washington Senators, then the Montreal Expos, then the Washington Nationals.

What baseball team is Ryan Zimmerman on?

Washington Nationals

What team in MLB has never won a playoff game?

It is the Washington Nationals because they are a new team that does not have a lot of experience.

Which team won the NCAA football nationals on January 7 2012?

On January 7, 2012, Alabama defeated Notre Dame, by the score of 42-14, to win the BCS National Championship.

Who is the worst team in the 2008 MLB Season?

The Washington Nationals

Who is the youngest baseball team Washington Nationals?

Bryce Harper