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Q: What football team in the premier league does Micheal Morpurgo support?
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What football team does Micheal Mcintyre support?

liverpool fc

What football team does Micheal Carrick Support?

The Manchester United Midfielder is a lifelong Birmingham City fan.

Witch is Micheal Owen's favourite football team?

His legs cause they support him lol

What football team does jaden smith support?

Manchester united for premier league and Barcelona

What football team does kelly kelly support?

i think any in the barkles premier leage but i think spurs man u arsnal or somethink else??

What football team does paul scholes support?

"Giggsy" plays football (called soccer in the States) for Manchester United FC in the Premier League.

What cricket team does Michael Morpurgo support?

west ham

quickb00k's premier support number (+1-860-397-6045)?

Quickb00k's premier support number (+1-860-397-6045)?

In zanzibar do they support football teams?

Yes! People in Zanzibar are fanatical about football - they mainly support teams for the British Premier League, with Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool being the favorites. The Spanish league is also supported, with Barcelona and Real Madrid being popular. During the World Cup everyone was out supporting the African teams - football in Zanzibar and Tanzania is very popular. Scott

What team does scott brown support?

In the Scottish Premier League one Scott Brown supports Celtic Football Club. Scott Brown is a Scottish central midfielder who captains his club and the national side.

What English premier team does Dwayne Johnson support?


What premier league team should you support?

chelsea FC