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Q: What football team in Illinois scored the most points during a game?
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How are points scored in football?

By a tuch Down

What was the most points scored in American football?

222 Points scored by Georgia Tech

What Illinois football players have scored 8 touchdowns?

Howard Griffith of the University of Illinois scored 8 TDs in a game against Southern Illinois University on September 8, 1990.

What does football stasttic PF mean?

it stands for Points For, (the number of points the team has scored)

What is the greatest number of points in a college football game?

103 points scored by wyoming

What Illinois football player scored 8 TD in a game?

howard griffith

Who scored the most points in Illinois high school basketball game?


How is the score recorded in football?

Depend on the action taking place. Atouchdown is scored as 6 points, with the point after counting as 1. A field goal is scored as 3 points, and a safety is scored 2 points

What nfl football team has scored the most points for the entire football season in 2008?


Which Alabama football team scored the most points in a season?


Who scored the most points in football?

Jerry rice or Emmit smith

What does PA and PF mean in NFL statistics?

Points Against (how many points their opponents have scored against them during the season), and Points For (how many points the team itself has scored during the season)