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He currently plays for Manchester United and England.

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Q: What football team for Wayne Rooney play for?
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Related questions

What position does Wayne Rooney play for England football team?

Wayne playes midfielder

For what football team does Wayne Rooney currently play for?

Manchester United.

What team does Wayne Rooney play for?

Wayne Rooney plays for wigan.

With which Football team did Wayne Rooney start his football career?


What football team does Wayne Rooney support?

Wayne Rooney supports Manchester City and Crawley Town. What a titman united

Who plays number ten in the England football team?

Wayne Rooney

Who is the best football player in Chile?

the best player from the football team Chile is Wayne Rooney

Which football team did Wayne Rooney leave to join man united?


Who wears the number 10 shirt for England football team?

Wayne Rooney.

What team did Wayne Rooney use to play?

Everton And then Manchester United

What is Robert pattinsons favourite football team?

Manchester United. He is particularly dazed by Wayne Rooney:)

What team did Wayne Rooney play for before he came in Man U?


Who is the youngest player to play for England international soccer team?

Wayne rooney

When did Wayne Rooney start playing football?

Aged 10, Rooney joined the youth team of Everton, for whom he made his professional debut in 2002.

What number is Wayne Rooney?

On the England National team, Wayne Rooney is number 10.

What position does Wayne Rooney play?

striker Wayne Mark Rooney is the forward for both Manchester United and the England national team. Rooney joined Manchester United in 2004 for £25.6 million with the number 8 shirt.

Which team Wayne Rooney played before man utd?

Wayne Rooney played for Everton before Manchester United.

What is Wayne Rooney's national team?


What team did Wayne Rooney play for before everton?

Dynamo Brownings, though everton was his first professional club

Who is better Rooney or every football player in the world?

If you surely want to know the answer in reality, Wayne Rooney would get destroyed. If Wayne rooney played against everyone else in a 1 v 11 match, the score would be like a cricket match. -But Wayne Rooney is a world class striker, in truth. But a one-man team cannot be better than every other footballer.

What is the name of the Fort Wayne Women's tackle football professional football team?

They are the Fort Wayne Flash who have been in existence since 2007 and play in the Women's Football Alliance.

How to play like Wayne Rooney?

Well first you have to have never ending stamina and be willing to work 100% in training and in the game. Then you must be able to shoot or finish from long distances. Rooney has strenght, speed, and a tanacity to work unselfishly for the team. These things will help you become like Wayne Rooney

What is Wayne Rooney's favorite food?

Wayne Rooney is an English soccer player who plays for the national team and Manchester United. His favorite food is Spaghetti Bolognese.

Who is England football team squad number 10?

"Michael Owen wears the number 10 for England football." But Wayne Rooney wore the number against the Ukraine, why was this if it is Michael Owens?

What coutry does Wayne Rooney a soccer player come from?

Wayne Rooney comes from England. He plays for the England National Team and Manchester United in the English Premier League.