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He supports Manchester United

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Q: What football team does Usain Bolt support?
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What does Usain Bolt want do in the future?

he wants to represent a football team.

Does Usain Bolt support a soccer team?

Yes Manchester United

What team is Usain Bolt in?


Is Usain Bolt going to the NFL?

No Mr usain Bolt is a athlete and is not playing for any N.F.L team.

What team is Usain Bolt on for the 2012 Olympics?


What is Usain Bolt's favourite cricket team?


Who does Usain Bolt play for?

The best team in the world Manchester united

Is Usain Bolt signed for Chelsea?

No he just thinks that he has the skill to get in the chelsea team its the same with manchester united

What football team does Victoria Justice support?

She doesn't support any football team yet.

Does adele support a football team?

Yes Adele does support a football team and it is Tottenham hotspurs(spurs) as she was born in tottenham

What is the song used in the Usain Bolt and Team Visa Advert?

Hundred Mile High City (By Ocean Colour Scene)

What football team does yoda support support?

Glasgow rangers