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Everton Football Club

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Q: What football team does Tim Cahill play for?
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What football team does Tim Cahill support?


Who is Australia's team captain in football?

Tim Cahill is the team captain for Australia's football team! (:

What is the sport that Tim Cahill plays?

Tim Cahill is a professional football (soccer) player.

What club does Tim Cahill play for in 2011?

Tim Cahill play for Everton in 2011.

Who does Tim cahill play for?

Tim Cahill plays for Everton. In the world cup he plays for Australia

Which football players play for Everton?

Tim Howard, Tim Cahill, Louis Saha, Mikael Arteta, Maroune Fellaini, Jack Rodwell, Leon Osman,..............

What posy does Tim cahill play?


For what club does Tim Cahill play?

As of June 2014, Tim Cahill plays for New York Red Bulls, a club in United States.

For what country did Tim Cahill play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Tim Cahill played for Australia in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

What Position does Tim cahill play?

Tim Cahill plays attacking midfield. He is a box-to-box-midfielder, second striker, even centre forward

What team did Tim Cahill move to after Everton?

New York red bulls

When was Tim Cahill born?

Tim Cahill was born on December 6, 1979.