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liverpool fc from birth

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Q: What football team does Steven Gerrard Support?
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What team does Steven Gerrard support?

Liverpool Football Club, Steven Gerrard has been Red all of his life.

Does steven Gerrard captain the English football team?

yes he does

Which football team does steven Gerrard play for?

Liverpool and England

Which football team did Steven Gerrard first play for?


Who is the captain of English national football team?

Steven Gerrard.

Most assists for England football team?

Steven Gerrard ??

Who number 4 on England football team?

steven Gerrard

When Steven Gerrard was young what football team did he like?


Who is stiven Gerrard?

I think your talking about Steven Gerrard? If so he is the captain of the England football team (Soccer).

What is steven Gerrard home address?

Steven Gerrard plays and captains for the English football team Liverpool. There is no public listing of his home address.

What does Steven Gerrard play?

Football for Liverpool FC and the England national team

Who is the current captain of England soccer?

The captain of England football team is Steven Gerrard.

Who on the England football team wears the number 8 shirt?

steven Gerrard, Mussab AlKhairalla

What football team does steven naismith support?

rangers as he plays for them!

What football team does steven flecher support?

Celtic fc

What team was Steven Gerrard in first?


What team did steven Gerrard play for?

Steven Gerrard plays for Liverpool and England.

What team does steven Gerrard play for?

Liverpool F.C.

What team is steven Gerrard now?

Liverpool Fc.

Who is the captian of the England soccer team?

Steven Gerrard

Who is Steven jerrard?

Steven Gerrard is a professional English footballer. As of 2013, Gerrard is 33 years old and plays for the Liverpool team and the England national team.

How often does Steven Gerrard play football?

Steven Gerrard plays football all year round, playing at Liverpool FC from September to May and on the England international team over the summer. I bet if he has any down time he is still practicing and working on his game.

Is steven Gerrard number 4 in the England squad?

Yes, Steven Gerrard's jersey number for the England FIFA team is 4.

What was the first team Steven Gerrard played on?

Liverpool FC.

England football team captains?