What football team does Santa likes?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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santa enjoys golfing and running cross country. somtimes he hikes in pyrenees mountains

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Oh, my word! ... Yes ... especially the Australian brand: it is much faster, more spectacular and more exciting!

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Q: What football team does Santa likes?
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What f-ball team does santa like?

Santa Claus is forbidden by Mrs. Claus to take his sleigh to football games. But, I heard Santa likes English Football (Soccer) and American Football. The elves sometimes make their own teams, so Santa gets his 'football fix'.

What is Santa's Favorite Football team?

Santa's favorite football team is most definitely the Oakland Raiders.

What football team does Santa support?

Santa supports FC Santa Claus in Finland, which is a real team.

Which football team does Santa Claus like?

Dallas Cowboys

What football team dose Rey Mysterio support?

i dont know. does he even like football? you cant answer a question like so and so likes what football team if so and so doesnt like football. find out if he likes football first.

What football team does roc royal like?

He Likes The Philadelphia Eagles Team. He Also Sort Of Likes The Raiders But Mainly The Eagles.

What football team does Davis Cleveland like?

He probly likes RAIDERS

What is Katie Perry's favorite football team?

she likes Inter Milan

If a girl always makes fun of your favorite football team everytime you see her does that mean she likes you?

I dont think it means she likes u it just means she doesnt like ur favorite football team.

What is James Maslows favorite sport?

He said that he likes football. Also, His favorite football team are the San Diego Chargers.

What football team does professor green support?

The greatest team in the world,Wigan Athletic! but he also likes Arsenal

What is β€œFC Barcelona”?

FC Barcelona is a professional football club based in Catalonia, Spain. Michael Bowen is a bandwagon and likes this team.