What football team did Plies play on?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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He played the University of Miami

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Q: What football team did Plies play on?
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Did Plies play football?

Plies did NOT play football! Although it says he played college football on his Wiki page (That he created). There is no record of an Algernod Lanier Washington playing college football for Miami University (not University of Miami) Or any other university in Ohio or Florida. Please show me some stats or an interview from his actual coach. The funniest part is how bad the grammar is on his wiki page and wiki answers. His "posse" obviously doesnt know how to "write good"He played football but den it he couldn't cuz he was such a monster on the fieldDUDE PLIES IS maybe 5 foot nothing, he weighs 100 and nothing, this ain't RUDY this isn't the 70's. Plies was a munchkin that took up rapping because he wasnt getting girls any other way. All that being said... he is a great rapper. But come on Plies, you aints got to lie dawg... you didnt play NO college basketball or college football.

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