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the dallas cowboy stadium

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Q: What football stadium is as big as the colosseum?
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How many cubic feet is the colosseum?

there are 34,500 square feet in a football stadium there are 34,500 square feet in a football stadium there are 34,500 square feet in a football stadium

What is size of a football court?

it depends how big the stadium is

How big is the Johanne football stadium?

105m X 68m

Which is larger - The Roman Colosseum or Cowboys Stadium?

Cowboys Stadium is bigger. The Roman colosseum could hold about 50 000 spectators, while Cowboys Stadium can hold over 100 000 spectators. See all the features of the Stadium at

What was the name of the famous stadium in Rome?

Colosseum the collesseum

Was the Colosseum the first sports stadium built?


How big is the Utah Utes football stadium?

The Utes play their home games at Rice-Eccles Stadium which has a seating capacity of 45,017.

Where football play?

It is played in the stadium, football stadium.

What sport needs big stadion?

stadium* Football Soccer Baseball Basketball etc.

What was a Colosseum?

A Roman arena, like a big stadium. This place was usually where all the entertainment happened. From gladiators to people being feed to the lions etc.

How big is the football stadium City Ground?

City Ground Football Stadium, home of Nottingham Forest Football Club holds 30.602 people and is the 22nd largest football ground in England. The field dimensions are 115 yards by 78 yards.

Why did the Romans go to the Colosseum?

To see the gladiators in action. It's a bit like going to a stadium to watch a football match, though it was a lot more violent back then.