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Q: What football size is bigger tdj or pee wee size 6?
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What size is a football in little leagues?

peewee - K2 junior - TDJ senior (before HS) - TDY

What size is a middle school football?

it depend on what grade and how old you are. 7th and 8th use a "TDY" 6th used a "TDJ"

What is the inflation pressure for a Wilson TDJ football?

4000lbs. per square inch

What is the official size of a flag football?

5th - 9th Grade (Junior or larger)NFL JuniorJunior Wilson All ProJunior Wilson TDJJunior Wilson NCAA 1001Junior Nike 1000 Spiral TechJunior Nike 705

What price range do the Passat cars sell for?

The 2.5 sells for $19,995. The TDJ clean diesel sells for $25,995. The V6 sells for $28,995.

What Pop Warner football is bigger Pee Wee or junior?

Pee Wee in slightly bigger than junior football in pop warner

What size is a youth football?

In my league (Sierra Youth Football & Cheer): Mighty Mites: pee wee size football Jr Pee Wee: junior size football Pee Wee: junior size football Jr Midget: youth size football Midget: youth size football

Where to buy a leather Pee Wee size football?

A leather Pee Wee size football can be bought from the website of Wilson. It is also available at Amazon and Dicks Sporting Goods.

What is size of official pee wee football?

the size for jounier all-american football(jaaf) is an 11 inch ball

Which is smaller pee wee size football or youth size?

Pee Wee is the smallest. From largest to smallest it goes: Full 14+, Youth 11-14, Junior 7-10, Pee Wee 3-6.

What is the size of a pee wee football field?

it is 120 yards counting in zones

Is an NFL football the same size of an high school football field?

no nflsis bigger

What size hole can a football fit through?

as big or bigger than the radius of a football

Is pee wee football safe?

it depends on how old you are and your size. if you are small, it can be really dangerous

Is Ceres bigger than a football stadium?

Yes, much bigger. Ceres is about the size of Texas.

What size football for jr pee wee?

youth m,l,xl,and adult samll

What is the official football size?

Football have all different "official" sizes depending on the level of play you're playing at. There is a PEE WEE size ball. And they go all the way up to an NFL "Official" Size ball. Call XO for more details

Is CFL the football field bigger than any other?

Not really. It's the same size as all the other football fields in Canada.

What are different size footballs for?

The littler ones might be for Pop Warner Football, and as you get in the higher grades, the balls get bigger to the official NFL football.

What is the average size of a strawberry?

I think the average size of a straw berry is about the size of a football. U get the bigger ones and the smaller ones but i think the average size of a strawberry is football size. Like skinny white (KEV) brought one in the other day the size of a soccer ball it was huge, but coconut (Tyson) said he had an even bigger one at home. So that's the average size of the wudinna grown straberys.

Which is a bigger ball basketball or volley ball or throw ball or football?

It depends on the sizes of the balls. If the basket ball is size 4 and soccer ball is size 5 soccer ball could be bigger.

Is the football used in arena football bigger than the football used in the nfl?

No the football used in Arena football is the same size as those used in the NFL. This has helped some make the switch from Arena Football to the NFL and vice versa.

Is a futsal goal bigger than a football goal?

No. The size of the goal in futsal is significantly smaller than that used in football (soccer), or any other major football rule set.

Is a NFL field bigger than a college football field?

The playing surface is the same size in both.

Does the football size affect the throwing distance?

Yes, because the bigger it is, the bigger your hand has to be to throw it and have control. Also if it's more heavy it won't go as far.