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If you like blocking you can be the tackle or a guard. If you just want to sack the quarterback, be the defence end. You can also be a linebacker - they tackle anyone with the ball or cover the wide receiver or tightend. ---- If you are a good tackler, play midfield or wing-back. If you can defend very well and have a good distance kick, play centre-back. If you have good reflexes, try goalkeeper.

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You should play the position you are comfortable in. This decision will vary based on each person. Test out the different positions and see where you excel most.

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Q: What football position should you play on defense?
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What position did Ronald Reagan play in college football?

He mostly played at guard on the Eureka College football team. I think he played both offense and defense.

Did isaac Murphy play any sports?

Yes he played football, position for offense is right tackle, defense fullback, reciving, and kickoff lineman team. he also played as defense end in punt. he is an allstar in football.

What position should you play in high school football?

anything but defensive linemen

What position should i play at 6'1 and 200 lbs in high school football?


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I am going to 8th grade and I want to play football but i am not very big and dont want to get an concussion what should i play football?

The safest position to play in football, with the least amount of injuries, is either the punter or the kicker.

I am 5'11 and weigh 170 what position should I play in football besides line?

running back

I am 5'8 and i run a 5.78 in the forty what football position should i play?

Either lineman or fullback

What football position should i play im 5'11 and150 pounds what would be good for me?


What college football position should you play if you're 5'10 272 pounds?

Defensive tackle

You weigh 170 what position in football should you play?

Q.B, running back, Wide Reciver

What high school football position should i play at 211 pounds and 5'10 tall?