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well if your not scared to hit the ball then i suggest you play in defence where you can header balls out from corners or goal kicks.

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Q: What football position should you play in football you weight 147 you are 14 years old not scared to hit?
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What freshman football position should you play if you are 5 feet tall and weight 90 pounds?

If your fast: cornerback or wide receiver

I want to start playing American football and i don't know what position i should play i am very fast and weight about 120 lbs and white not racist What position should i play?

i would say wide receiver or cornerback/safety

What is the Weight for High School Football Player?

that depends what position you play.

Your 14 years old you 5'10 your weight is 162lbs and you can run the 40 yd in about 5.8 seconds what football position should you go for?

defensive end

What position should in play in football I'm 6'1 and 152lbs?

Cornerback, but gain weight and make the move to safety. If you have good enough hands then wide receiver.

What football position should you play if you're 6 foot strong and fast?

Depends on a lot of different things. What's your weight? Can you catch good? Can you tackle?

What position should i play in football I'm 5'4 and my weight is about 120 to 125 and i hit hard and i run fast?

You should play the Half Back,Full Back,Tail Back,or Line Back.

I want to know what football position i should play i are going to play as in 10th grage and weight about 120 lbs and im about 5ft 4in i am very fast and i am a good soccer player what should i play?

forward or outside midfielder

What football position should I play I am 132lbs 5' 9 bench 215 squat 400 and clean 185?

DB- corner, safety add on a little weight, you would be a great olb.

What high school football position should you play at 146 pounds and 5'7'' tall?

Cornerback. If your quick then play cornerback its a tough position but get in the weight room get big and run alot to improve your speed. Also if you have your heart set on an offensive position you could always play slot receiver if you've got hands good luck

Im scared that im fat?

If you're scared about your weight then you should talk to your GP about this. He or she will be able to tell you whether you do weigh too much for your weight (according to averages) or whether your weight is actually healthy and fine for you and your body. He or she will then be able to help you take appropriate action. Talking to your GP isn't anything to fear

What HS football position should i play if im about 150 lbs 5'8 and have the ability to long snap?

work out, gain weight. And become the long snapper. Many players make careers off of just long snapping.

Im 13 and you dont want to put on weight and im scared to eat what should you do?

Well, if you're scared to eat because you don't want to put on weight, carry on eating but eat less- much less. Have breakfast, skip lunch and have a small dinner. Breakfast

How much do you have to weigh in football to play linebacker in kids football if you're fat?

Weight has less to do with the linebacker position than speed. While it's great to be strong and stocky, if you're overweight and can't make the sideline-sideline transition at full speed required for the position, you're better off looking at a defensive lineman position.

What weight lifting should soccer player do?

It depends on the position, but all players should keep a good balance of all their muscles with calisthenics and weight machines for their legs and torso.

What is a good position of a 6'8 football player?

That would depend on weight, speed, strength, and other attributes. Tall but light weight with good speed and good hands would make a good wide receiver. Heavier weight, exceptionally strong perhaps a defensive tackle or some other position on the offensive or defensive line.

What football position would you be if your 140lbs?

Weight is not a primary factor in determining position (though a 140 pounder would probably be an exceptionally poor choice for offensive linesman, unless this is in some kind of middle school program).

Average football player weight?

The average weight of a football player is about 300 pounds. This weight can vary greatly based on the person.

What is an arena football roster status?

The roster consists of: Players Number Name Position Height (ht) Weight (wt) College Exp (years) Age (years)

F your 6ft what position should be in American football?

well your height does not really tell you what position you will play. What is your weight, age group, are you fast slow? cant you catch. All i can say is if your 6ft tall you can almost play any position. If you 6ft 250 pounds I would say a O or D line position would be best, but if your 6ft 165lbs. i would suggest that you would play a running back, defenssive back . Basiclly if you are just starting and looking for a position i would ask your coach.

What should a boy weigh at 14 years to play tackle football?

It depends what youre talking about. If you want to play full contaft football, it depends on what position. If you are skinny and tall you might want to play a receiver. If you short, you should try out as a running back. If you are larger you should try out as a lineman. There are 2 sides, offense and defense. All in which have different positions which would require different sizes in weight. If you need help then email me at

How much should a freshman bench to be in a high school football team?

depends on what you wiegh but at least your body weight

At what age is weight training incoporated into football?

they like to start kids in junior high on weight training for football.

Can you lose weight from getting scared and if so how many calories could you loss?

No, you do not burn calories just by being scared.

Is a football weigh a kilogram or a gram?

Weight of a football is 14 to 15 ounces or 0.40 to 0.43 kilograms.