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running back

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Q: What football position should you play if you're 5'10'' and 140 pounds?
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What football position should you play at 180 pounds?

depends on the competition. If you're talking high school I would probably recommend either defensive back or wide receiver if you're tall, or runningback or linebacker if youre shorter. Your coach shouldn't have a problem putting you where you can play your best.

How should you position your back and neck when typing?

Youre back needs to be straight.

How many pounds do you weigh if youre 23.4 kilograms?

You weigh 51.6 (51.58817) pounds.

Is a 14 year old teenager supposed to weigh 137 pounds?

no, the reason for this is because, there is no specific number that can be fgiven. youre ideal weight should based on youre height, weight, age, and stat of puberty

Can you racially discriminate when youre hiring for a position in a different country?


What football season are you in?

Its not what youre in but football is divided into the NFC and AFC, and the winners of the divisional playoffs goes to the superbowl.

How much should a 10 year old cheerleader weigh?

Because youre athletic you should weight between 70 and 90 pounds

What rugby position should you play you are 9 stone and 5 foot 7?

the touch judge mate, youre too small for anything else.

If youre quoting what a person said in a letter that youre typing what type of punctuation should you include?

if youre quoting what a person said in a letter that youre typing what type of punctuation should you include? my answer :double quotes

Why don't we call soccer football?

cause ignorants in USA wont know what it is, they think youre referring to american football.>,>

What should a boy weigh at 14 years to play tackle football?

It depends what youre talking about. If you want to play full contaft football, it depends on what position. If you are skinny and tall you might want to play a receiver. If you short, you should try out as a running back. If you are larger you should try out as a lineman. There are 2 sides, offense and defense. All in which have different positions which would require different sizes in weight. If you need help then email me at

Should girls play football?

No matter how old you are you should be able to play football if youre a girl because a girl can do anything a boy can do and because football is just simple genetics and if the girl really think there tuff then they can handle it and no they shouldint have all boy teams then all girl teams. They should let boys and girls play on the same teams and not split up and honestly i think football should make girls tougher.

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