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Anelka Makelele cant think of any more, sorry scmeichel

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Q: What football players have won the English Premiership the Champions League and the European Championship?
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Name of football player who has won champions league eufa cup European super cup English premiership and was relegated but did not play in the championship?

nicky butt

Which football players have won the champions league European championship fa cup and premiership?

Peter Schmeichel (CL: 99, EC: 92, FAC: 94, 96, 99, PL: 93, 94, 96, 97, 99)

Which football players have won the premiership the champions league and been relegated from the premiership?

Christiano Ronaldo

Does a game of championship football cost cheaper to watch than a game of premiership football?

Yes, the game of championship is cheaper to watch than a game of premiership football. The premiership game of football costs on average four to eight pounds more.

Who won premiership in 1985?

It wasn't called the Premiership then (it was Football League Division One), but the champions were Everton.

When was UEFA European Football Championship created?

UEFA European Football Championship was created in 1960.

When did Football League start?

The Champions League Football started in 1955 as European Champions Clubs' Cup. In 1992 was renamed as Union of European Football Associations Champions League.

Is Derby football club in the premiership or championship league?

Derby or the Rams as they are called are in the championship league.

How many scottish premiership teams can qualify for champions league football?

I think the champions are automatic, runners up via the qualifiers

Which football player has won the English premiership uefa champions league uefa cup and has also been relegated from the English premiership and is currently playing in the English premiership?


What is the champions league for?

The champions league is a European club football (soccer) competition organized by the UEFA. It was formerly known as the European Champions Clubs' Cup and the European Cup.

Did Sweden ever win the European championship?

Sweden has never won the UEFA European Football Championship, no.