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Geovanni Dos Santos

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Q: What football player tranferred from Barcelona to Tottenham Hotspur?
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Is Tottenham Hotspur football club in the North?

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club are located in Tottenham, North London.

What tottenham hotspur?

Tottenham Hotspur is an English Premiership football team.

Who has played for both Tottenham Hotspur and Barcelona?

The following players have played for both Tottenham Hotspur and Barcelona ;Giovani Dos SantosGary LinekerEdgar Davis

What football team does Rupert grint support?

tottenham hospur

Who is the best football player for Tottenham Hotspur?

Tottenham Hotspur current best player is Harry Kane ( on current form ).

What Football team are there ending in R?

Tottenham Hotspur

What is sold at the Tottenham Hotspur shop?

The Tottenham Hotspur shop is an official apparel retailer for the Tottenham Hotspurs, selling shirts and equipment. The Hotspurs are a football (or soccer) team from Tottenham.

When did Tottenham Hotspur last beat Barcelona?

Tottenham Hotspur have only played Barcelona once in a competitive match.The game was played over two legs, as it was the Semi-Final of the European Cup Winners Cup, for the 1981 - 1982 season.The first game finished ;Date - 7th April 1982Venue - White Hart LaneResult - Tottenham Hotspur 1 ( Roberts ) v Barcelona 1 ( Olmo ).The second game finished ;Date - 21st April 1982Venue - Camp NouResult - Barcelona 1 ( Simonsen ) v Tottenham Hotspur 0.Barcelona won 2-1 on aggregate, therefore Tottenham Hotspur have never beat Barcelona in a competitive match.

British football team ending in r?

Tottenham Hotspur

What football team does Alan sugar own?

Tottenham Hotspur

What football team does aaron Lennon play for?

Tottenham Hotspur.

What football team does Matthew baynton support?

Tottenham Hotspur.

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