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Peyton Hillis

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Laron Landry.....easily in the 20 range

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Q: What football player has the biggest biceps and how big are they?
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How big is Manchester united football fan base?

pretty darm big ( biggest in the world)

How big hulk hogan's arms?

At heir biggest, Hulk Hogan's arms were 24 inches around the biceps.

What are the size of biceps required for a model?

The size of biceps aren't very big they need to be tone instead of being big and buff unless you are talking about males they need to be big but not to big because male models are more if a sport models so they need more muscle to act like they are actually a sports player.

What football association is big in Scotland?

The Scottish Junior Football Association is the biggest football association in Scotland. The football association was founded in 1886 and still exists this very day.

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Have big dreams of being a football player?

If a person has big dreams of being a football player they will need to practice hard during the high school career. Then, they will need to get noticed as a college player to make it to NFL.

How can you get big like a football player?

By getting Morning Woods!

Is Shaquille O'Neal the best player?

Shaq is the best player because he travel around the world to beat the best people in their own sport .Which is big Ben in football and Micheal the best swimmer.Shaq is the best player and maybe Shaq will know this. shaqs biggest fan

Do big burly men play football?

Football players can be big in stature, but not all football player are. Size ranges from 6' to 6'4" and 275 lbs to 300 lbs.

How big are Jim cantore's biceps?

16.5 inches