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Q: What football number does current Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson wear on his jersey?
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Who is the starting quarterback for Alabama?

john Parker Wilson

Who was Quarterback in 1979 for Alabama?

Andrew Zow. Zow had 148 completions in 264 attempts for 1799 yards, 12 TDs, and 9 INTs for the 1999 Tide. Tyler Watts also saw action at QB in 1999. He completed 47 passes in 83 attempts for 498 yards, 2 TDs, and 5 INTs.

Who is john Parker Wilson?

He was the starting quarterback for the University of Alabama from 2006 to 2009.

Who wore number 14 in Alabama football?

Joe Namath IMPovement answer Joe namath wore 12 tyler watts wore 14 and several others but 14 its recognized to Tyler watts

What Alabama quarterbacks have played professional football?

Bart Starr and Joe Namath, who are both in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Their latest quarterback John Parker Wilson is currently on the Atlanta Falcons roster. Also Brodie Croyle, Scott Hunter, Jeff Rutledge, Hall of Famer Ken Stabler, and Richard Todd.

What Alabama football players wore jersey number 17?

Caleb Castille, Kenyan Drake and Parker Philpot

Which Alabama football player wore jersey number 16?

Cory Reamer & Rick Tyler

Who is Parker Brett Favre?

He is a Vikings quarterback, 3 time MVP.

When was Stephen Parker - American football - born?

Stephen Parker - American football - was born on 1984-08-02.

When was Jason Parker - American football - born?

Jason Parker - American football - was born on 1985-01-23.

When was Eric Parker - American football - born?

Eric Parker - American football - was born on 1979-04-14.

When was Ron Parker - American football - born?

Ron Parker - American football - was born on 1987-08-17.