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NFC national football conference and their division is NFC EAST

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The Philadelphia Eagles are in the NFC East Division of the National Football League's (NFL) National Football Conference.

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Q: What football league is the eagles in?
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What team starts with the letter E?

The Eagles (Philadelphia Eagles) are in team in the National Football League. The Edmonton Eskimos is a football team in the Canadian Football League.

What football team are known as the eagles?

Philadelphia of the National Football League

Is it eagle football or eagles football?

Eagles football. The mascot would be the "eagles" therefore, eagles football.

What team begins with the letter e besides the eagles?

Edmonton Eskimos (Canadian Football League)

Who was leading goal kicker West Australian Football League 2007?

Quinten Lynch- West Coast Eagles

When was Eastern Michigan Eagles football created?

Eastern Michigan Eagles football was created in 1891.

When was Boston College Eagles football created?

Boston College Eagles football was created in 1892.

What were the names of all the professonal football teams in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia Pro Football Teams1901 Philadelphia Professionals (Independent)1902 Philadelphia Phillies (original National Football League)1902 Philadelphia Athletics (original National Football League)1920 Union AA (Independent, changed name to Quakers in 1921)1921 Philadelphia Quakers (Independent, owned by Union Athletic Association)1924 Frankford Yellow Jackets (National Football League)1926 Philadelphia Quakers (American Football League)1933 Philadelphia Eagles (same team, new owner, new name) (NFL)1943 Due to a player shortage caused by WW II, the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers temporarily merged into a single team, playing under the name of Eagles. The team was often referred to in the vernacular as the Steagles; however, the official NFL record book simply lists them as "Phil-Pitt" (NFL)1974 Philadelphia Bell (World Football League)1983 Philadelphia Stars (United States Football League)2004 Philadelphia Soul (Arena Football League)The Eagles changed owners and stadiums more often than they changed names.

Who will win the football game on Sunday eagles or the giants?

the eagles

What is Serbia's football nickname?

White Eagles, or just Eagles...

When was Southern Miss Golden Eagles football created?

Southern Miss Golden Eagles football was created in 1912.

When was North Carolina Central Eagles football created?

North Carolina Central Eagles football was created in 1922.