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The Cardinals play Division 1-AA football (aka FCS - Football Championship Series) in the Southland Conference.

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Q: What football division is Lamar University in Beaumont Texas?
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Where is Lamar University located?

Lamar University is located in Beaumont, Texas. It is known as being a comprehensive coeducational public research university and is officially recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Are there taxi services from Beaumont TX to Houston TX airports?

I would like to know the taxi fare from Houston airport to Lamar University, Beaumont.

Beaumont, TX?

If you cannot decide between Texas or Louisiana for your next trip, Beaumont, Texas is the destination for you. Texan, with a healthy dose of cajun flavoring, Beaumont is good, spicy fun. Whether you are in town for Lamar University football, to take in an event at Jefferson Theater or to visit Crockett Street, Beaumont is a lively vacation spot. Lamar University has recently restarted their football program for the Lamar Cardinals. A new stadium and motivated players promises a great game. If football is not your game, then head over to the beautiful Jefferson Theater, built in 1927 and restored to it’s original splendor in the 1970’s, the theater hosts many local and touring productions throughout the year. After the game or theater, Crockett Street is your next stop. With buildings dating back to the 1800’s Crockett Street boasts restaurants and nightlife for all tastes. Whatever your reason for stopping in, Beaumont, Texas will provide a hot, cajun good time.

Do you know if Lamar Beaumont doing any CNA renewal?

would like to go to Lamar Beaumont. Is there any nurse classes over there?

What is the Plummer Award?

The Plummer Award is given to the highest ranking male and female graduate for each graduating class at Lamar University in Beaumont Texas.

When was Lamar Cardinals football created?

Lamar Cardinals football was created in 1923.

When was Lamar University created?

Lamar University was created on 1923-09-17.

What is Lamar University's motto?

The motto of Lamar University is 'Texas Roots. Infinite Possibilities.'.

When was Lamar University College of Engineering created?

Lamar University College of Engineering was created in 1951.

When did Henry Lamar - American football - die?

Henry Lamar - American football - died on 1985-09-28.

When was Henry Lamar - American football - born?

Henry Lamar - American football - was born on 1906-01-26.

How is Lamar university for computer science?

Lamar University is really a good university for Computer Science because of the good computer labs and lecturers.

Where is Lamar University?

Lamar University is located in Beaumont, Texas. It is known as being a comprehensive coeducational public research university and is officially recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

List Division 1AA colleges in Texas?

Colleges in Texas that play Division 1-AA football are Texas Southern, Texas State, Lamar, Prairie View A&M, Sam Houston State, and Stephen F. Austin.

What is the highest degree offered at Lamar University?

Degrees offered at Lamar University are: * Associate * Bachelor's * Master's * Doctoral

What are Lamar University colors?

red and black

Who started football chiefs?

Lamar Hunt, as the Dallas Texans

What is the song of Lamar University?

Go Big Red

What are Lamar university's school colors?

red and black

What is Lamar Alexander known for?

Lamar Alexander was the united states senator for Tennessee. He served with Bob Corker and assumed office in 2003. He attended Vanderbilt University and New York University of Law.

What football team Lamar hunt owned?

Kansas City Chiefs

Who was on the roster for the 1994 University of Arizona Football team?

Mike Bates, Teddy Bruschi, Toney Bouie, Keshan Johnson (Not Keyshaun Johnson USC), Sean and Lamar Harris, Mike Scurlock, Antuan Carter,

Does Lamar University offer financial aid?

Yes, Lamar University offers financial aid. You can visit their financial aid office anytime and talk to a financial aid counselor who would guide you through your educational payment.

What was Lamar Thomas's jersey number while at the university of Miami?

He was # 36

Did any famous people attend lamar university?

your mom lol