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Bear Bryant-Kentucky and Alabama Nick Saban-LSU and Alabama

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2010-12-04 22:53:50
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Q: What football coach has won sec championships coaching 2 different teams?
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What kind of experience does one need for a career in football coaching?

Football coaching is extremely difficult and the coach should be experienced in coaching. Preferably the coach will have already worked as an assistant or even as coach for another team prior to becoming coach for another team.

Is C Ray Gregory still coaching football?

Yes, he is coaching High School football in Texas as an assistant coach.

What is the typical life of a football coach?

Each day coaching football is different. Time is always spent planning sessions designed to motivate and help your players improve. The best part of a day however is always coaching a session or coaching in a game.

Which NCAA football Coach has the most NCAA football championships?

Phillip Fulmer

What Missouri high schools have won the most state football championships?

Jefferson City High School has won 10 State Championships. Nine of those under legendary Coach Pete Adkins. Adkins has the greatest winning percentage in high school football coaching history (87%). His 41 year coaching record stands at 405-60-4.

What is the monthly salary of a football coach?

The monthly salary of a football coach will vary between each coach based on his wins and losses, his ability to coach, and much coaching experience he has.

Which college coach has won multiple football national championships?


Which active football division one coach has the most championships?

Bob stoops

What head coach has won multiple national college football championships?


Did Marty Schottenheimer coach college football?

No. His first coaching job was in the World Football League as linebacker coach for the Portland Storm in 1974 and from there went to the New York Giants in 1975 as linebacker coach.

How does one begin coaching football?

To begin coaching football you must find a team that is in need of a coach and preferably have some experience in football. It might be a good idea to start with young people, and work your way up.

What was Paul Brown's role in American Football?

Paul Brown was an American Football coach. He was the coach in the All-America Football Conference and National Football League.His teams won seven league championships.

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