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the molded type not the detachable kind the shorter the better

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Q: What football cleats are best for AstroTurf?
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What cleats should you use on astroturf?

Astroturf boots (cleats) - They are the ones with a rubber sole with small rubber studs. The Laws of the Game merely require that shoes be worn.

Are baseball cleats okay to use for field hockey?

Cleats are not allowed on an astroturf hockey pitch, Trainers or Astroturf trainers that are specific to hockey which will have adequate protection overall should be warn

Which sport is played on astroturf?

Some American football fields are made of astroturf.

When was football cleats invented?

when were football cleats invented1865

What the difference between golf cleats and football cleats?

Football cleats have spikes golf cleats doesnt

What are the best football cleats for a QB?

Vapor Talon Elite

Are soccer cleats and football cleats the same?

no it is not

Are baseball cleats the same as football cleats?

No there is a difference between baseball cleats and football cleats. Football cleats are used for traction and are screw in type, where as baseball cleats are not they are put there for keeps they also are longer in size. here is a site that explains what I am saying but better

Why artificial grass is used in football ground?


What is the best pair of football cleats?

The ones that make you play good

How are baseball and football cleats different?

Baseball cleats have metal spikes. Football usually has detachable cleats that are plastic.

What is the best football cleats?

Nike low cut cleats because they are light and stylish second would be under armor

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