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Please be more specific with your question. Many football players have died over the years.

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Q: What foot ball player died?
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Who is the best foot ball player?

the best foot ball player is larry Darnell Fitzgeirld you can thank Remington C. for this answer

Can a volley ball player hit the ball using his foot?


The player does this to make contact with the ball when its too high to reach with his foot?

A football player would head the ball, if the ball is too high to kick with a foot.

Who is tayshon wrench?

Foot ball player

What do you call the foot in netball that hits the floor when the player has the ball?

Landing foot? Or grounded foot.

What is the ball in your foot?

ball of foot means a ball has a foot stuck. to it so there is a diffrens beetween foot ball and ball foot. foot ball is a game with a ball. but ball of foot is when the foot is stuck to the ball! get it?

If a NFL Player has ball hit him when one foot is out of bounds is the ball out?


How old is Cody Paul the foot ball player?


What is the term for when a player stops the soccer ball with their foot?

A trap

The best foot ball player in the world?

Aaron Rodgers

Who is Micheal oher?

he is a famous foot ball player and was homeless

Can a player use his foot to stop the ball in baseball?


What do you call person who can kick a ball with either foot?

Well we can call him a double foot player.

What does mean for a player to trap the ball in soccer?

It means to stop the ball with your foot, thigh, or chest.

Who are the famous people in exeter?

well there is Allan Ball who was a foot ball player and lots of more

What is it called in basketball when a player intentionally makes contact with the ball using their foot?

Kick ball

In which game is Pele regarded as possibly the greatest player ever?


Is it legal for a player to step with the ball?

In Netball, it is legal to move one foot only while you have the ball, this can only be the foot that was second on the ground after you gained possession of said ball.

What are the purpose of foot ball?

because you use your foot and a ball and that adds up to foot ball

Can a player score the goal bear foot when the ball rebound the goalkeeper?


What is a lift and foot fault in volleyball?

In volleyball, a lift, or carry, is when a player sets the ball in a way that they catch it before releasing it again. Usually when a ball spins out of a player's hands it indicates they have carried the ball, resulting in the end of a play. A foot fault is when a player steps under the net. Depending on the organization and rules, sometimes, to be a foot fault, the player must simply step on the line, but sometimes, a player must step all the way over the line. Also, a foot fault is committed when a player steps over the endline before releasing the ball on a serve.

If player on team A tries to save a ball from going out of bounds and it hits a player from team B who has one foot out of bounds and one foot in bounds who gets pocession of the ball?

Sean loves aly tierno

During the rally in volleyball can a player receive the ball using his or her foot?

Yes, as long as his or her foot is planted on the ground and does not move. There must be no "kicking" motion as it makes contact with the ball.

What does a player do in soccer to make contact with a ball that is too high to reach with foot?

A player can either head the ball (hit it with his/her head) or back up to have a better play on the ball. If it's beyond their reach then the ball is for the player in the position behind him/her, and that player may need to run up and "meet" the ball.

Who has more muscles a football player or a gymnast?

The gymnast have more muscles but the foot ball player has bigger muscles.